The Legacy of the Force

Session 18

Has Kosel gone mad?

Battered and weary from their battle with Eren and his tactical war droids, the heroes regroup with Jerris and his ship to take off from the wreck of the Sanctuary. As they leave, Jerris triggers the Sanctuary to explode, thus destroying a sacred Jedi monument but saving it from being desecrated by the Empire.

When the shockwave hits the ship, loud beeping starts going off in the room that Ashur is in. The crew runs in to see that he is coding and begins to go into spasms on the table. Ide is able to determine that he was poisoned and preps an antidote, soon his spasms stop and he stabilizes. The crew can see that his body has been cut and slashed beyond recognition, he needs proper medical treatment. He pleads to Ide to be taken home, only to pass out shortly thereafter.

The group decides to take him back to Eriadu and try to get him the help he needs. They land without issue and begin looking for a doctor but while looking see their faces plastered every holoscreen in the city. Rezda, Azrael, and Ide manage to sneak away but Kosel fails to be stealthy enough and ends up getting discovered. He notices two humans in black suits and sun glasses following him. He comes to a stop on the sidewalk and they attack! One manages to get a solid hit with his weapon and critically injures Kosel. He decided this isn’t a fight he will win and summoned all of his strength to Force leap away, only to get picked up by Azrael, Ide, and Rezda.

They ended up setting up a location in Hotel Triumph for Ashur to recover…Kosel begins acting strangely due to his brush with death and murders two innocent people, forcing Rezda and the rest of the group to get creative in their body disposal techniques. They eventually run into Pyrel, the man they rescued from the security guards the last time they were on the planet. They convinced him to look at Ashur even though he was a veterinarian and brought him to the hotel. He advised that Ashur needs a real doctor and a bacta tank, but unfortunately with them being wanted by the Imperials that isn’t an option.

They leave Pyrel with some supplies and begin to head back to the spaceport to go home, but once again Kosel is discovered, this time due to his lack of trying to hide whatsoever. A drunk recognizes him and before they knew it, they heard sirens going off in the distance that seemed to be closing. Kosel stood his ground and yelled for the rest of the group to run, but they stood by their friend.

As the sirens got closer they soon saw multiple APC’s land on the street in front of them. Their doors opened and out came roughly 25 stormtroopers, multiple officers, and more of the unknown agents in black suits…

At this point the future looks very grave for our heroes. They are outnumbered and overwhelmed and do not seem to stand a chance…Who knows what will happen next?


GM_Travis GM_Travis

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