The Legacy of the Force

Session 17

Lend you a hand

The group is still on the ship and investigating the different rooms. They keep hearing the war droid in the halls of the dead ship. Rezda comes up with an idea to set a trap for the droid. They manage to find a large blast door that Ide lifts with the Force. Rezda using his Force abilities to see through walls and watches as the war droid moves closer to the trap. Azreal taps on the door to taunt the droid which then runs into position. Ide then dropped the door with a large clang sound. The droid was hit but was able to shrug off the blow somewhat. He charges the group and Rezda ignites his double bladed lightsaber and severs the droids head and pierces the droids chest destroying it’s power core.

With the droid destroyed and the ship now safe to explore Rezda heads one direction and Ide and Azreal head in another. Eren Garai the proctor from the archive shows up on the ship and tells Rezda to surrender. Rezda ignites his lightsaber and then 3 tactical assassin droids step out of the shadows. Rezda is able to attack one of the droids meanwhile Eren continues to gloat that Rezda is outmatched. Rezda lets slip that the rest of the group is aboard the ship as well. Rezda isn’t able to overcome the 3 droids which he drops his lightsaber and is placed under arrest with binders placed on his wrists.

The droids noticed Azreal and Ide in a different hallway and began attacking them. The droids engaged Areal and Ide. Azreal with his quick thinking was able to bind the droids and Ide used Force move to slam the enemies to the wall at the end of the hallway. Meanwhile Rezda was still be escorted to Eren’s ship. Rezda managed to get out of the binders and grabbed the force pike from the last assassin droid walking with him and Eren. Eren pulls out a disruptor pistol and fired at Rezda. Rezda felt the burning on his arm and as he looked down he saw his fingers turn to ash as his arm disintegrated from the disruptor shot. The molecules of his skin and flesh disintegrating.

Rezda was able to swing the force pike at Eren striking him. Which made Eren drop Rezda’s lightsaber and his own disruptor pistol. Eren wasn’t able to pick up either as he ran into his ship. He was able to detach from the Sanctuary and escape. Ide was able to get back to Azreal and Rezda and was able to treat the wounds both had received. As the group headed back to Jerris’ ship, they noticed he was gone. The group returns to the communication area in an attempt to contact Jerris.

Initially they were hit with static and no responses. Eventually Jerris was able to be found in the massive asteroid field. He told them through broken communications that he had seen the new ship dock on the other airlock and he felt it was best for him to retreat back into the asteroid field to remain out of sight. After hearing of the wounds suffered by Azreal and Rezda, Jerris returns to the ship and picks up his friends. They leave the Sanctuary where it lay in the blackness of space.

Rezda felt a deep sorrow as he looked down at his arm that was shot with the disruptor pistol. The damage was severe enough to take his hand and most of his forearm. For Rezda, a new challenge was presented to him. Could he recover from this grave of an injury? He sat and meditated listening to the force. A calm came over him he knew what the answer was, but it would be up to him to make it happen.


GM_Travis GM_Travis

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