The Legacy of the Force

Session 16

The Artifacts of Eriadu

The group is ready to head out and find their contact named Ashur to learn more about the mysterious crystal they have heard about. With the group having fake credentials they move on to the Archive campus. For Kosel the trip is a little more difficult as Ide hops on his backpack forcing him to carry not only his backpack but also Ide as well. As they come closer to the archive they can see a large skyscraper in front of them. It was built by the empire so what it lacks in design, it makes up for it with mass of the construction. As they walk 2 guards are walking past the group and following a scholar. Every move the scholar makes the guards follow him. The group decides this is way too suspicious to let pass, and they begin to follow the guards.

As they follow the guards around one of the many buildings of the campus the guards begin to assault the scholar. They beat him and beat him and 1 of the guards yells at the scholar “How could you rat out my brother?!” “He was selling contraband that’s illegal! What else could I do?” the scholar cried out. Our heroes intervene on behalf of the scholar and using the force to influence the guards Kosel and Azreal are able to make the guards leave with a feeling of accomplishing their objective and scaring the scholar.

“Thank you. I thought they were going to kill me.” The scholar says. “If we hadn’t come along they very well could have. Are you okay?” Kosel responds. “Yes I’m fine. My name is Pyrel Capanus. I’m sure you overheard why I was attacked.” says Pyrel. “You turned in one of those guys’ brother for contraband. You did the right thing, but I would try and avoid those guys in the future.” Kosel responds. “I will do my best. Thanks again for the help.” Pyrel says. He leaves and the group returns on their mission to the archive.

They enter the archive building where they are greeted by Eren Garai.
“Welcome to the Archive. My name is Eren Garai. I’m the curator of this facility. How may I help you?” Eren says in a German accent.
“We are hear to meet a researcher named Asher. My name is Bill Nye, and this is my companion Donald Trump.” Kosel says showing him the fake credentials.
Eren takes them to an orientation room where they watch a short film about the rules of the facility. They leave the orientation room to find Ashur in office 182 on the 35th floor. Ashur greets them at the door and is more drawn to talking to Kosel and Ide rather than the group as a whole.
“My name is Bill Nye, and we are here to investigate the crystal you found. Eliza said you need some help with it.” Azreal says.

Ashur and the group move down into the archives and they are shown several different artifacts. A cut in half helmet, a ship’s transponder, a small chip, droid parts, and a strange talisman. Kosel recognized the helmet is an old Mandalorian helmet from the Mandalorian Wars with the Old Republic. The group also investigates the transponder and it turns out to be from the ship known as the Astral Jester that was rumored to have traveled secret hyperspace routes. The droid parts were investigated and turns out they are from a Basilisk War Droid. The small chip turns out to be an imperial officer’s report on the artifacts when they were found and cataloged.

Kosel takes the strange talisman and holds it to the light. It feels alive with the force so Kosel puts it on. Instantly Kosel sees the Jedi Val Iza and it is her ilum talisman. She was aboard a ship that was being attacked by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. She goes into the ships training room and places something in the center of the floor and places a large stone over the top. The group grabs the helmet the talisman and the transponder and leaves the archive. They are stopped by Eren Garai and placed in different rooms. Each one is interrogated Kosel, Ide and Ashur are all able to avoid the questions. Azreal isn’t able to avoid the questions because Eren has him injected with truth serum. He explains everything about why the group is on Eriadu.

The group heads to Kohler to find the Jedi ship, Sanctuary, to find what Val Iza had placed in there. Ide scans the area and finds Sanctuary. The group boards the ship which has been abandoned for years. The group explores the ship and find some different parts which can help repair Jerris’ ship. The group enters the main training room and find the large rock where Val had placed it. Ide using the Force is able to move the stone and underneath the stone was a Jedi holocron.

Suddenly in comes a Basilisk War Droid and attacks the group. Ide using the force is able to conceal 3 members of the group from the enemy while Azreal attacks the droid. He is able to do some good damage to the droid but it isn’t enough to destroy it. Kosel attacks after and only does minor damage as well. The droid strikes Kosel with a solid hit, but Ide seeing that Kosel was wounded is able to sneak up and patch him up to keep him fighting. The droid is beaten back but ran away before a killing blow can be dealt. The droid moved outside of the center of the ship and finds Ashur cowering in fear. Ashur is immediately attacked by the droid and is brought to the brink of death. The group is able to find him before he dies and gets him back to Jerris’ ship and into the medical bay.

The group decides in this old Jedi ship there could be many more artifacts on board that could be useful to them. They remember the war droid is still inside the ship but perhaps with it being wounded it might be easier to destroy if they encounter it again. However with Ashur gravely wounded they won’t have much time to explore the ship much longer.


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