The Legacy of the Force

Session 4

The battle of Elix Lorso

The Inn & Investigation

  • While asleep at the Inn the group awoke as they heard an explosion in the far distance
  • They investigated and found a ship had crash landed a short ways away from Mount Tellec
  • When they arrived they saw there were multiple people injured and the ship was on fire
  • They rescued the crew and met Capt. Cassus Lefextrian and Mel Rhade.
  • The Captain and Mel asked the group for help to deliver their shipment to Reles
  • Kosel and Mel seemed to get along pretty well and before you know it, she dragged him to her room at the inn and they made the sweet, sweet lovin’.

Getting into Reles

  • Rezda and Mel attempted to sneak past the stormtroopers at the main entrance to the city, unfortunately they were unable to stealthily sneak by and had to resort to charming them, and when that failed they pushed the stormtroopers down and ran away
  • The stormtroopers pursued them, but luckily they were able to get away…and while they were distracted, the rest of the group was able to sneak in through the main gate

Interrogation & Dark Side “Fun”

  • Mel and Kitor broke into the ISB building to interrogate an ISB desk agent who had been seen canvasing the area of the Rebel warehouse
  • When they broke in via the roof, they accidentally set off an alarm when attempting to find the ISB agent
  • Once they found the agent, (John Tallen) they questioned him. When he didn’t respond, Kitor used his Heal/Harm Force power to cause strain to him which made him pass out. He kept messing with his mind, knocking him out, then bringing him back when he didn’t cooperate.
  • Once they found out the warehouse was under surveillance, and they are aware of the identities of multiple rebel operatives, Kitor sears John’s tongue with his lightsaber so he can’t easily talk, then both him and Mel escape from the ISB building.

Finding the Warehouse

  • The group had to find a rebel operative to get to the warehouse, since the location was unknown, so they went to a local tapcaf to get the info they needed.
  • Once they found 2 rebel operatives, they advised them about the info they learned from the ISB.
  • Cassus and Mel attempted to hide the crates that they were hauling, but unfortunately there is no good place to do so.
  • They decided to go to the warehouse and try to clear it out as fast as possible.

The Battle of Elix Lorso

  • Once the group found the warehouse, they drop off the weapons crates successfully.
  • Mel blurted out that Kitor is a Jedi, then ran off to defend the warehouse.
  • As soon as the rest of the group hears her do that, they receive a report that multiple armored personnel carriers (APC) have deployed troops.
  • A battle ensues, wave after wave of stormtroopers are thrown at the warehouses defenses, but the group continued to cut them down with Elix leading the charge.
  • During the fight Kosel goes down, but is revived just in time.
  • Cassus fires into a group of stormtroopers that is engaged with Elix, and hits a despair, which knocks Elix out of the fight and kills him.
  • The group was able to burn through the rest of the stormtroopers, letting one get away, while they rushed to attend to Elix.

Elix…the end of the line

  • The group brought Elix’s body back to the Temple
  • The Holocrons advised that making a funeral pyre and burning the body is the proper way to honor Elix’s spirit and his transition to become one with the Force


GM_Travis GM_Travis

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