The Legacy of the Force

Session 11

The Enemy Draws Near...

The group of heroes is divided as we rejoin them. Azrael has sped off to have his unborn child removed from him while Rezda, Kitor, and Kosel remained behind to reduce the bounty on Kitor’s head.

The slicer, Cypher, demanded payment for his services, so Kitor came up with a plan. In an attempt to get the payment, he consulted with Eliaza back at the Jedi Temple and she agreed to help them by supplying 6,000 credits. He also talked to Jerris who offered to help him with an additional 5,000 credits. Kitor’s plan seemed simple enough. He would pay the slicer the 10,000 credit balance remaining for the services he provided, then he would then take the remaining 1,000 credits to give to Jerris as a sort of down payment on the loan he had given to the group. The group then planned to travel with Jerris helping with deliveries to pay off the remaining balance that was owed to him.

During this time, Azreal was able to return to the space station after a successful operation to transfer the child to a new host for it to grow and mature. As he arrived back to rejoin the group, he noticed that it would be much easier to give the slicer the ship instead of simply paying off the credits and shifting money around. After he looked over the ship and cleaned it up (in an epic 1980’s cleaning montage), the group of heroes presented the ship to Cypher. He looked it over and agreed to take possession of the ship and called the debt paid.

Kitor’s bounty on the imperial bounty boards was reduced and false information regarding him was placed into the security logs. The bounty couldn’t be completely erased, but it’s be low enough to keep the high end bounty hunters from seeking him out.

As the group prepared to head back home to Nal Hutta, they received a call from their old mentor Dr. Hethan Romund from Spintir. Jerris agrees to take the group to Spintir but as they arrive the Empire has made a stronger presence on the planet. Star destroyers patrol the area around the planet while battalions of storm troopers patrol the surface. Clearly the reports of possible Jedi did not go unnoticed by the Empire. The group lands and then goes to the University hoping to find Dr. Romund. As they enter the main hall there is a sheet draped over something laying on the main desk. With a couple of guards standing over the desk Rezda comes up with an idea to distract them. He heads to the chemistry lab and begins mixing chemicals. With a massive chemical fire started the fire alarms blare and the guards move to find the cause of the fire.

While they are distracted Kitor, Kosel and Azreal move to the desk and raise the sheet. It is Dr. Romund, with scorch mark from a blaster bolt to her chest. The group exams her body further and find a data pad but it’s encrypted. The group realizes there isn’t much time for mourning at the loss of their first mentor and friend for the guards are returning back to their posts after the fire was extinguished.

Our heroes sprint back to the hangar where Jerris’ ship awaited clearance for take off! Suddenly a Rancor covered in a slight purple light rushed the group! Kitor is wounded badly by the attacking Rancor. Azreal is able to Force bind the creature long enough for Kosel and Rezda to kill it. Just before the first Rancor is vanquished, a second one appears! Azreal once again is able to force bind the monster allowing Rezda and Kosel time to deliver the killing blows.

The group quickly grabs the unconscious Kitor and heads for the ship only to find that their pilot and friend, Jerris, is not aboard and the docking clamps are engaged. Within seconds the group hears the sound of incoming blaster shots as storm troopers headed for the hangar.

With members of their group either unconscious or badly wounded, their pilot no where to be found, and enemies closing in, the group must come up with a plan and soon. For if they don’t, they won’t be able to withstand the new threat that comes after them….


GM_Travis mdpaske

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