Kosel Tayl'rag - Deceased, Session 19

Cerean Soresu Defender/ Warleader


Species: Cerean
Height: 2 meters
Eyes: Blue
Build: Husky
Gender: Male
Hair: Bald head, full beard, long and looks like thick dreads
Age: 40


Kosel grew up as many Cereans did. He grew up learning about the universe from the many teachers of Cerean as well as hand to hand combat training. They were always told to never get into fights but it was always good to know how to defend yourself if the time came. Kosel was different from the other Cereans because where the others found combat training the more enjoyable experience Kosel preferred to review databases full of knowledge about the universe.
As he grew Kosel knew that he wanted to be an explorer of the galaxy and discovery all manner of lost treasures that were out there for the taking. However, that plan soon took a strange turn during a sparring match with his friend Tocay. During the sparring Kosel was struck down and Tocay moved in for a final blow to end the fight. Kosel threw up his hand and felt a wave of energy move forward from him pushing Tocay clear of the small ring created by the mats. Tocay and Kosel were petrified for a moment. Neither could fully understand what had happened and why Kosel was able to push Tocay out of the ring without even laying a finger on him. The moment of silence passed and both Tocay and Kosel laughed about how cool it was that Kosel did that.
Kosel went home to rest and eat but there was no appetitie to be found nor sleep that could be had. Kosel knew that something was up. Some mysterical energy he had found. Being the inquisitive mind that he was he knew he had to find answers. As he looked deeper into the databases on Cerean it was in a hidden drawer of an old book shelf he discovered a book. A book that described the history of a strange group known as the Jedi and Sith. As he read Kosel learned that these Jedi and Sith had the ability to move objects just as he did. Through something called the force. Kosel knew what his life’s goal was going to be. He wanted to learn more about the force and find the remnants of the mysterious Jedi.
When he came of age and left home, he set out to explore the galaxy and discover more of the mysteries of the force. He had to be careful however for Tokay mentioned that the Galactic empire was not fond of force users. Kosel didn’t care. His quest for knowledge lead him around the galaxy, and for years he explored ancient temples and planets searching for answers. However, the few answers he found were not enough to really help him. Now at age 40, Kosel continues to search for the mysteries of the force, but now with the added wisdom of age he feels as though he now can become what he was destined to be. A Jedi and master of knowledge of the force.

Kosel Tayl'rag - Deceased, Session 19

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