Ide Ahan Kohar

Lannik, Counselor - Healer, Mystic - Seeker


Species: Lannik
Height: 3’
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slim
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Age: 40


Ide is a Lannik and was found and recruited by the Jedi as a child. He became a youngling and started to learn about the Force, but it wasn’t long until Order 66 and The Great Purge forced him to grow up quickly and hide his abilities. He doesn’t like to talk about that tragic time and isn’t very forthcoming about how he escaped or who helped him.

After years in hiding, he traveled to Spintir and lived in the capitol city of Reles. As Ide became older he found that he was always curious about learning to help people and heal them as he had an innate talent for it. He decided to go to the University of Reles and become a Doctor.

He began his own medical practice and managed to stay under the radar of the Imperials, that is until he met Dr. Hethan Romund…It was at this point that things started to take a turn for the worse. After Dr. Romund discovered what he was, she helped arrange for transport off planet and into hiding when the Imperials increased their presence on Spintir.

He was sent to Nal Hutta so he could meet with Elaiza and train further to become a Jedi Healer. There he met a group in turmoil and in need of a good laugh. Even though Ide lacks offensive capabilities, he makes up for it with his medical prowess and defensive skills.

Ide Ahan Kohar

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