Azrael Lorso

Mirialian Niman Disciple


Species: Mirialian
Height: 1.87 meteres
Eyes: Blue
Build: Lean, Lanky
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Age: 24


pent some time training as a child learning the ways of the Force from his mother (Moraina) and father (D’Marrro), who were able to avoid Order 66 and the ensuing Jedi Purge by staying on the move. However, a surprise raid from a Sith Inquisitor led to his father disappearing – D’Marrro chose to stay behind to buy Azrael, his mother Moraina, and the unborn Elix the time they needed to flee. They fled to Mirial under the care of relatives there. Moraina chose to send Elix away in the care of a (shady) cousin who promised to teach him, while sending Azrael to study at a university in Agamar and stressing to never show his abilities around anyone else. Throughout the years, Azrael and his mother would meet at various other planets and locations, where he would practice with his lightsaber for a few weeks then sent back to continue his education. They both attempted to find where Elix and the cousin had gone, or if D’Marrro was still alive, to no result.

However at the University, Azrael’s latent powers began to manifest – some suggestions he made to teachers or other students “magically” were followed, while playing smashball some of the rivals would seem to fall or stop at random when Azrael had the ball. Azrael knew these were due to his force abilities, and began carrying around a sense of arrogance and attitude of superiority as a result.

After graduating the University, Azrael attempted to travel back home but found his bank account had not been filled, as his mother would normally do. Azrael was forced to work for over a year until he afford to travel home, where he found his mother’s house had been razed. Through attempts to find his mother’s whereabouts, he influenced one of the planetary spaceport officials to look for her in the departure databases… only to find clues pointing back to Elix’s point of origin – Corellia…. End of line.

Azrael Lorso

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