The Legacy of the Force

Session 22
The loss of a mentor...
Session 21
Their Darkest Hour Pt. 2
Session 20
Their Darkest Hour Pt. 1

After several months of advanced training with Eliza our heroes were getting closer to being full fledged Jedi Knights after having completed the Trial of Skill. Eliza presented each member with a choice for a gift. For Kilra she puts 2 chests down in front of him. He chose the chest which granted him additional strength.

Eliza told him, " This is the talisman of hunter’s strength. When you need some additional force energy tap into this talisman’s power to give you the extra boost you need."

“Kilra thank Eliza for mighty gift.” Kilra says.

For Azreal she presented a 2 lightsaber crystals, he chose a white/grey colored one.

“This is a ghost fire crystal. This will allow you lightsaber to increase in it’s attacking ability.” Eliza explains.

“Thank you Eliza. I will need to meditate on this to make my lightsaber better.” Azreal said.

Finally she gets to Ide.

“For you Ide, I have a special gift. In this box are all the components you need to craft a lightsaber. You will have a superior hilt for better control as well as a kimber stone. This will make the blade less deadly when attacking enemies but it will allow you to defend yourself against enemies both with lightsabers and blasters.” Eliza says with a smile on her face.

“Thank you Eliza. I feel like a true Jedi now since the lightsaber is the symbol of our order.” Ide said with gratitude.

Rezda soon returned from his adventure with Denbay. Having had the nightmares subside for now, he decided to return to the group. Another month passes and the group has upgraded and created their lightsabers in preparation for their next adventure.

“I’m sending you to find a contact of mine named Fark’war. He tends to stay in the seedy dive bars in Bilbosa. He’s a researcher of sorts.” Eliza said.

“Then we will go find him.” Rezda said.

The group searched several bars before they found Fark’war trying to convince a group of spacers of his plan. He failed to convince them so they leave the booth.

“You! You will help me!” Fark’war yelled to the group!

He ordered a whole tray of drinks for everyone and Kilra pounded down his drinks since he had never had alcohol before.

“Look, the empire rebellion fight is nothing more than a continuation of a war fought for millenia by the Sith and the Jedi. I believe we need to explore an old battle ground from a past war for evidence that the Sith and Jedi continue to fight. Will you help me?” Fark’war said rubbing his hands together.

“Sure we can help out if you need it.” Ide responded.

After a few more drinks Azreal started to feel the effects of the alcohol and in an attempt to give Kilra a high five, he misses and almost smacks a patron in the head. Ide reacts quickly and Force moves Azreal, but he used too much power and Azreal ended up crashing into another booth with a large group of drunken thugs in it.

The thugs weren’t happy their drinks were spilled, so they ran at Azrael and started beating him senseless. They tried to hit the heroes, but being so drunk they either hit with little effect or accidentally hit each other.

Kilra attempted to force throw one of the thugs into the group of them to end the conflict, but as he summons his strength to throw him, he slips from his grasp. Ide hid behind the bar and threw a chair using the Force which effects some of bad guys. However when doing that, the bartender saw him use the Force and claims it was magic! Ide was then quickly discovered by another group of thugs coming to reinforce their friends and they pick him up and start slapping him right in the face.

Kilra ran in a fury to defend Ide and he leveled 2 of the patrons who dropped Ide but they, in turn, land on him while he was on the floor. Another thug struck at Kilra in the back of his head and landed a solid blow. Kilra fell to the floor and voided his bowels on the unconscious patron as well as on Ide. The smell was unbearable.

Kilra, filling with rage, attempted to attack the patron but the fury clouded his judgement and he missed with a solid hit, but seeing this huge beast mad makes the patron back away some. Ide used the Force to hurl the unconscious patron off of him at the patron who attacked Kilra.

Meanwhile, Rezda having grabbed a metal pitcher decided to yell at the top of his lungs "BATTLE ROYAL!

He swung the metal pitcher at some patrons striking them across their faces. They were unable to retaliate due to being dazed and having tons of beer in their eyes. Azreal used Force influence to make some patrons fight themselves instead of him, but he then decided to join in and start fighting as well.

Within minutes a group of stormtroopers enter the bar, making anyone who saw them nervous.

“Everyone get down on the ground and stop fighting!” the leader of the troopers yelled.

Everyone dropped to the ground but Rezda, he Force leapt up to a chandelier and was waiting for them to enter. He looked closer hanging from above them andnotices they aren’t really stormtroopers at all! They were 2 Rodians and 1 human pretending to be troopers.

“You’re phonies!” Rezda exclaimed.
He leapt away from the chandelier and disconnects it from the ceiling, dropping it on their heads. The troopers along, with the thugs who were trying to leave the brawl are instantly knocked out due to the glass shards in their faces from the chandelier.

“He was using magic! I saw it!” The bartender screams to the group.

They leave 100 credits for him on the bar.

“Sorry about the mess.” Azreal says calmly.

Rezda selects “The Final Countdown” on the jukebox and the group proceeded to leave the bar to epic exit music. Once outside, in true 80s montage style, they all leapt up in the air with their fists raised in triumph for a freeze frame photo. (Rezda however held up his missing arm instead of an actual fist, making a great image for the group.)

The group then followed Fark’war to his place where a number of walls were covered with pictures and research about the Sith and Jedi. Large strings of twine stretch from image to image in a massive spider web.

“Just ignore this stuff.” Fark’war told the group.

“You guys stink. Go wash up.” He yells to Ide and Kilra.

Ide has no problem getting clean, but the very tall Kilra ends up breaking the shower head but he does get clean.

“Me sorry. Me break rain maker.” Kilra said to Fark’war.

“You broke my shower! You better pay for that! We have no time to waste. We’ll deal with this when we get back.” Fark’war told Kilra.

“Ok. Me sorry tiny furry one.” Kilra said, feeling guilty.

A day later, the group landed on a planet of an ancient battle between the Republic and the Sith millenia ago. There was nothing but large forests and dense jungles. The group felt a pang of massive pain, anger and death as they land and exit the ship.

They soon came across an energy barrier. Rezda climbed a tree for a better look and tells Kilra to try and dig down to see if maybe they can go under the barrier. Unfortunarely they have no luck there either.

Suddenly 4 large demonic looking hounds attacked the group! Rezda tried to tame one of the houndsbut ultimately failed in doing so. They attacked each member of the group, and the dogs land some good injuries at first. Luckily Ide was close by and was able to heal them during the battle, being an exceptional combat medic.

After their initial attack, the group was able to dispatch of them much quicker. Rezda tried to use the disruptor pistol he acquired months ago, but as he goes to fire the gun heats up and explodes in his hands due to a previously unknown gene lock on the device.

Rezda decided the lightsaber is best to dispatch these animals and is able to decapitate one of the hounds while Kilra makes a kebab of another. Azreal binds 2 of the dogs and creates his own hound kebab. The last hound remaining attacks an easier target and goes after Fark’war striking him furiously. Rezda, Kilra and Azreal decapitate the last one and Ide heals the wounds suffered by Fark’war.

“I knew there were still Jedi!! I knew it! You are all Jedi!” As Fark’war jumped up and down with excitement.

The group tried to convince him they aren’t Jedi, but the cat is out of the bag.

“So to get through this barrier it pulses. It will drop in enough power for my ship to lightspeed in to the battlefield.” Fark’war said.

He left to prep his ship for the journey while the group instead tries using their lightsabers to breach the shield with no effect. They hop into the ship and Fark’war programs the ship to enter lightspeed while aiming at the shield. There is a sudden BANG and all goes white…

A tall dark figure stands before the group, a large dark cloak draped over him, and black gauntlets with a yellow crystal on the back of them opposite his palm.

“What are YOU doing here?” the figure yelled at the group.

Suddenly the ship crashed into the trees! A new dark figure carrying a red lightsaber starts killing troopers of the Army of Light. Smiling in the carnage, the dark figure is confronted by 2 Jedi and is soon struck down. The Jedi then approached their ship.

“Who are you? Sith spies?” the first Jedi questions.

Rezda tried to explain they are from the future and they can’t believe they are in the past in this battle. The Jedi took the group to his leader, Commander Hoth. Hoth looked upset and frustrated because his troops were losing the battle.

The group tried to convince the commander they are there to help, but it didn’t work and they were placed in a cell and their lightsabers locked in a closet. The Jedi and Army of Light troops leave.

Suddenly a ship crashed into the prison cell dropship allowing them and another Sith prisoner to escape. Ide tried to prevent the Sith from escaping, but merely dislodges her lightsaber from her grasp. As she ran to get it,Azrael used Force bind on her to keep her from moving. Kilra and Rezda gathered their lightsabers and bound the prisoner to the bars of the jail to prevent her escape. Rezda decided to give her some herbs to calm her down, unfortunately she has a bad trip and freaks out dislocating both of her shoulders trying to get free. Kilra cut her lightsaber in half making the weapon useless and they leave the jail.

As they came upon the battlefield they saw thousands of troops for both sides engaged in battle. The group attempted to help some of the other Army of Light troopers in battle. Ide threw a destroyed speeder at a group of Sith troopers and obliterates them.

Suddenly the ground began to rumble, and an explosion rocked their eardrums. As they looked towards the source of the noise, they saw the mountains explode like glass, fragments of stone spiraling into the air as starfighters tumbled through them, many exploding as they make impact.

An enormous ball of black energy expanded out from the mountains, and increased in speed faster than they could react. As fast as they take in the sight, it was on top of them,
the roiling black energy smashed them backwards, flaying their skin from their bones and turning their bones to ash as the world around them disappeared.

All of them… are dead.

And in the blank space of death, all goes white. In the white space, the darkened figure appeared again, the crystal in his gauntlet glowing as he clenches his fist.

“You are going to have to try a lot harder than that…” he scowled.

Suddenly everyone woke up just as their ship was crashing into the trees of the jungle for what seemed like a second time. They saw the old dark figure tear into the Army of Light troops. The 2 Jedi stopped him.

“Who are you? Sith spies?” The Jedi asked again.

The group realizes they are in a time loop. They have returned to the start of their adventure of this battle.

“We Jedi! We here to help!” Kilra said to the Jedi.

They returned once again to Lord Commander Hoth and this time they manage to convince him they could help. Kilra, for good measure, destroys the lightsaber of the Sith prisoner again and Hoth ordered her bound directly to the jail to prevent her escape.

The group then went to the armory to gather weapons and armor and head into the battlefield again. The group moved into battle and destroyed a group of storm troopers along with their sergeant with ease.

Additional Republic troops and Jedi joined the group. However, it wasn’t long until a second wave of enemies turned focus to them. 20 storm troopers, 2 sergeants, a Sith warrior, and a Sith Walker move toward them. The group, along with their allies, prepare for another assault…

Session 19
The Trials Continue...

Kosel looks around at the troop transports in front of him. His breathing is steady. He is mindful only of his duty. Mindful of the murders he committed. Mindful of his friends whom he knows must survive this to continue the Jedi order. He has passed beyond the fear of death. He is driven by the force. He is at peace. All guardians know they must protect others, and that is exactly what he is doing. He ignites his lightsaber and it shines in a brilliant blue. The troop transports all park in front of Kosel. 25 storm troopers and various officers and more men in black all looking at Kosel. “We know what you are. We are giving you one chance to lay down your weapon and come peacefully.” An officer says over the loud speaker.
Kosel looks at the enemies in front of him “COME AND TAKE IT!” He yells to his enemies! A trooper fires a goop bazooka (aka a goozooka) at Kosel. It traps Kosel in a gel like substance that completely freezes him. Again the officer says Kosel can drop his weapon. He refuses so one of the men in black shoots his disintegration rifle at Kosel’s hands and melts both of Kosel’s hands. His lightsaber drops to the ground. All Kosel can do is look at his weapon. He knows he is done. A storm trooper aims the main transport cannon at Kosel. Sets the gun to stun and it blasts Kosel with a tremendous thug. The last thing Kosel sees is his friends staying in the crowd and moving away with no troopers after them. He has done his job. He is a true guardian.
Rezda and Ide continue to move with the crowd. Azreal branches off to peer around a corner of a building. He sees Kosel pass out and the troopers move in to capture him. Azreal can’t do anything now. “Goodbye Kosel.” He whispers to himself. The group heads back to Jaris’ ship and they are greeted by his wookie crew surprised not to see the whole group. “Where is Kosel?” Jaris asks. “He was captured by the imperials. There was nothing we can do.” Azreal says. “Dammit. Well we need to leave now. I haven’t had this ship long to install secret smuggle compartments like my old ship. You should all hide in the engine room. Just in case we get stopped by the imps.” Jaris tells the group with a stern tone. The last thing he wants is to lose another ship because of his group of friends.
The group escapes Earadoo without incident and head back to Nal Hutta for some much needed rest. All are feeling sad because of the loss of Kosel but perhaps their new friend Asher would heal and come seek them out to help them. Kosel did promise he would get Asher home. Maybe Asher would want to repay that debt. Only time would tell.
Back on Nal Hutta Rezda decides to get a drink. The group goes to a local cantina for some much needed R and R. Some other group of patrons were beginning to cause a ruckus. They began to insult each other and soon fists were flying. One of the patrons turns to Rezda “Whashd youshay to me?” He drunkenly says to Rezda and before Rezda can respond he gets punched and knocked out cold.
Azreal engages another patron with some punches and he lands some solid hits but he is also hit in turn. Ide decides to try a different tactic. He creates an image using the force of Darth Vader entering the bar. Some of the fighting patrons see this image and immediately run out of the bar. Some patrons are still fighting however. Suddenly a massive creature standing about 9 feet tall comes up to the patrons. With 1 massive swing he completely knocks out 1 of the patrons. He snarls in approval and Azreal and Ide just can’t believe what they witnessed. Ide decides to recreate the image of Darth Vader to remove the last of the disruptive patrons. Like the first group they too see the image and run as fast as they could to get away. The bar calms down.
“You guys just did us a solid favor. We hate those guys always coming in and fighting. FREE DRINKS FOR YOU GUYS ALL NIGHT!” The bartender says with a large smile. The creature sits at the table with Rezda, Azreal and Ide. They just look at amazement at what this creature is. Long hair completely covers his body. His tusks massively shoot out from his lower jaw. He drinks his large ale with a single gulp and slams his cup. “You good fighter. Him not so good.” the creature says to Ide. “What do you mean?” Ide asks. “You use force. You Jedi. Me Jedi too.” the creature says. Rezda uses force influence and makes the creature not believe they are Jedi. After a few minutes the creature laughs and says to them “You good now. You jedi too.” he smiles.
“Me Kilra Kemu. From tribe on Toola. Me spearbearer. Me carry lightning spear.” He grabs a large stick and pulls it closer to him. After some discussion Azreal and Ide decide to take Kilra to Eliza. Eliza created a small illusion generator to keep out unwanted intruders by projecting a large pile of rocks over the entrance to the temple. Ide, Rezda and Azreal all walk through but Kilra has no idea what just happened. He grabs his staff and charges through. Then the group sees what lightning spear truly is. It wasn’t just a walking stick. It was a lightsaber pike. Covered in a decorative wood it disguises the pike to unsuspecting enemies.
The group is stunned and they calm Kilra down. He turns off his lightsaber and they meet Eliza. She hugs Rezda and Azreal with a warm embrace. Excited to see them. She puts her hand on Ide’s shoulder with a warm smile. “Where is Kosel?” she says with concern. "He was captured by the imperials. There were at least 25 storm troopers and other imperials. We couldn’t help him.’ Azreal says with a heavy look of loss and sadness. “It’s sad we lost another Jedi. All of us are so necessary for the continuation of the Jedi order.” Eliza explains. “Who is your friend?” Eliza asks. “Me Kilra Kemu. Me Jedi. Me 150 cycles old and me have lightning spear from Master Yoda.” Kilra says with pride pounding his chest with pride.
“I’m glad you are with us. Obviously you have many things to teach us since you have been around for so long. You no doubt have some amazing abilities like Ide, Rezda and Azreal that can be useful. But first I must teach you all something.” Eliza explains.

2 months pass…
The group continues their training and Eliza decides to increase their training. “I would like you all to train with these droids and perform your best reflect with your lighstabers.” Eliza says. Everyone trains with their weapon including Ide who receives a shoto training saber. Everyone does fairly well with reflecting the bolts but it is Kilra who demonstrates the best reflection skills. Honed by over 70 years of practice Kilra reflects the blaster bolts with ease. Eliza sees the potential in her students and decides it time for them to take another step on their journey to become Jedi Knights. She calls them all together for some meditation trials. Designed to push her students minds to the limit. The trials begin with the group meditating they are in a obstacle course. It involves climbing, running and escaping unforseen obstables. Part 2 involves levitating stones while balancing in a hand stand to focus one’s mind on a single object while still becoming fatigued from the stress of holding one’s own weight. The 3rd part is combat. Eliza begins another meditation where she makes the group see that she is attacking them with a lightsaber. She is able to hit only Kilra and each member of the group is unable to strike a blow back at Eliza.
The final stage was a test of the group’s resolve. Azreal, Ide and Kilra all brought again into meditation. They were underwater in scuba gear. A large shadow in the distance was circling a disabled sub. “Help us….(static) we are out of power….(static) and almost out of air.” a voice over the group’s radio says. The group swims as fast as they can to the sub to try and help. The large shadow comes closer and it is a massive collosal undersea beast at least 200 meters in length. The beast swallows Azreal in a single attack. Kilra strikes the beast 2 times but it’s not enough to do any real damage. Ide tries to distract the beast he too is swallowed whole. Kilra moves to the sub. Barely alive but he is able to fix the sub’s air supply and somehow managed to also reconnect power. As the beast swallows Kilra he sees the sub get away from the creature. The occupants in the sub were safe.
“Congratulations my students. You have performed well in the trials that I set before you. Each of you performed well in certain areas and some struggles in others. However, we now know what we need to focus on in the future to expand your growth in the force.” Eliza says. Since you have all performed so well I want to give you all something….". Eliza pulls out a trunk and puts it in front of the group. She enters a code and the chest opens……

Session 18
Has Kosel gone mad?

Battered and weary from their battle with Eren and his tactical war droids, the heroes regroup with Jerris and his ship to take off from the wreck of the Sanctuary. As they leave, Jerris triggers the Sanctuary to explode, thus destroying a sacred Jedi monument but saving it from being desecrated by the Empire.

When the shockwave hits the ship, loud beeping starts going off in the room that Ashur is in. The crew runs in to see that he is coding and begins to go into spasms on the table. Ide is able to determine that he was poisoned and preps an antidote, soon his spasms stop and he stabilizes. The crew can see that his body has been cut and slashed beyond recognition, he needs proper medical treatment. He pleads to Ide to be taken home, only to pass out shortly thereafter.

The group decides to take him back to Eriadu and try to get him the help he needs. They land without issue and begin looking for a doctor but while looking see their faces plastered every holoscreen in the city. Rezda, Azrael, and Ide manage to sneak away but Kosel fails to be stealthy enough and ends up getting discovered. He notices two humans in black suits and sun glasses following him. He comes to a stop on the sidewalk and they attack! One manages to get a solid hit with his weapon and critically injures Kosel. He decided this isn’t a fight he will win and summoned all of his strength to Force leap away, only to get picked up by Azrael, Ide, and Rezda.

They ended up setting up a location in Hotel Triumph for Ashur to recover…Kosel begins acting strangely due to his brush with death and murders two innocent people, forcing Rezda and the rest of the group to get creative in their body disposal techniques. They eventually run into Pyrel, the man they rescued from the security guards the last time they were on the planet. They convinced him to look at Ashur even though he was a veterinarian and brought him to the hotel. He advised that Ashur needs a real doctor and a bacta tank, but unfortunately with them being wanted by the Imperials that isn’t an option.

They leave Pyrel with some supplies and begin to head back to the spaceport to go home, but once again Kosel is discovered, this time due to his lack of trying to hide whatsoever. A drunk recognizes him and before they knew it, they heard sirens going off in the distance that seemed to be closing. Kosel stood his ground and yelled for the rest of the group to run, but they stood by their friend.

As the sirens got closer they soon saw multiple APC’s land on the street in front of them. Their doors opened and out came roughly 25 stormtroopers, multiple officers, and more of the unknown agents in black suits…

At this point the future looks very grave for our heroes. They are outnumbered and overwhelmed and do not seem to stand a chance…Who knows what will happen next?

Session 17
Lend you a hand

The group is still on the ship and investigating the different rooms. They keep hearing the war droid in the halls of the dead ship. Rezda comes up with an idea to set a trap for the droid. They manage to find a large blast door that Ide lifts with the Force. Rezda using his Force abilities to see through walls and watches as the war droid moves closer to the trap. Azreal taps on the door to taunt the droid which then runs into position. Ide then dropped the door with a large clang sound. The droid was hit but was able to shrug off the blow somewhat. He charges the group and Rezda ignites his double bladed lightsaber and severs the droids head and pierces the droids chest destroying it’s power core.

With the droid destroyed and the ship now safe to explore Rezda heads one direction and Ide and Azreal head in another. Eren Garai the proctor from the archive shows up on the ship and tells Rezda to surrender. Rezda ignites his lightsaber and then 3 tactical assassin droids step out of the shadows. Rezda is able to attack one of the droids meanwhile Eren continues to gloat that Rezda is outmatched. Rezda lets slip that the rest of the group is aboard the ship as well. Rezda isn’t able to overcome the 3 droids which he drops his lightsaber and is placed under arrest with binders placed on his wrists.

The droids noticed Azreal and Ide in a different hallway and began attacking them. The droids engaged Areal and Ide. Azreal with his quick thinking was able to bind the droids and Ide used Force move to slam the enemies to the wall at the end of the hallway. Meanwhile Rezda was still be escorted to Eren’s ship. Rezda managed to get out of the binders and grabbed the force pike from the last assassin droid walking with him and Eren. Eren pulls out a disruptor pistol and fired at Rezda. Rezda felt the burning on his arm and as he looked down he saw his fingers turn to ash as his arm disintegrated from the disruptor shot. The molecules of his skin and flesh disintegrating.

Rezda was able to swing the force pike at Eren striking him. Which made Eren drop Rezda’s lightsaber and his own disruptor pistol. Eren wasn’t able to pick up either as he ran into his ship. He was able to detach from the Sanctuary and escape. Ide was able to get back to Azreal and Rezda and was able to treat the wounds both had received. As the group headed back to Jerris’ ship, they noticed he was gone. The group returns to the communication area in an attempt to contact Jerris.

Initially they were hit with static and no responses. Eventually Jerris was able to be found in the massive asteroid field. He told them through broken communications that he had seen the new ship dock on the other airlock and he felt it was best for him to retreat back into the asteroid field to remain out of sight. After hearing of the wounds suffered by Azreal and Rezda, Jerris returns to the ship and picks up his friends. They leave the Sanctuary where it lay in the blackness of space.

Rezda felt a deep sorrow as he looked down at his arm that was shot with the disruptor pistol. The damage was severe enough to take his hand and most of his forearm. For Rezda, a new challenge was presented to him. Could he recover from this grave of an injury? He sat and meditated listening to the force. A calm came over him he knew what the answer was, but it would be up to him to make it happen.

Session 16
The Artifacts of Eriadu

The group is ready to head out and find their contact named Ashur to learn more about the mysterious crystal they have heard about. With the group having fake credentials they move on to the Archive campus. For Kosel the trip is a little more difficult as Ide hops on his backpack forcing him to carry not only his backpack but also Ide as well. As they come closer to the archive they can see a large skyscraper in front of them. It was built by the empire so what it lacks in design, it makes up for it with mass of the construction. As they walk 2 guards are walking past the group and following a scholar. Every move the scholar makes the guards follow him. The group decides this is way too suspicious to let pass, and they begin to follow the guards.

As they follow the guards around one of the many buildings of the campus the guards begin to assault the scholar. They beat him and beat him and 1 of the guards yells at the scholar “How could you rat out my brother?!” “He was selling contraband that’s illegal! What else could I do?” the scholar cried out. Our heroes intervene on behalf of the scholar and using the force to influence the guards Kosel and Azreal are able to make the guards leave with a feeling of accomplishing their objective and scaring the scholar.

“Thank you. I thought they were going to kill me.” The scholar says. “If we hadn’t come along they very well could have. Are you okay?” Kosel responds. “Yes I’m fine. My name is Pyrel Capanus. I’m sure you overheard why I was attacked.” says Pyrel. “You turned in one of those guys’ brother for contraband. You did the right thing, but I would try and avoid those guys in the future.” Kosel responds. “I will do my best. Thanks again for the help.” Pyrel says. He leaves and the group returns on their mission to the archive.

They enter the archive building where they are greeted by Eren Garai.
“Welcome to the Archive. My name is Eren Garai. I’m the curator of this facility. How may I help you?” Eren says in a German accent.
“We are hear to meet a researcher named Asher. My name is Bill Nye, and this is my companion Donald Trump.” Kosel says showing him the fake credentials.
Eren takes them to an orientation room where they watch a short film about the rules of the facility. They leave the orientation room to find Ashur in office 182 on the 35th floor. Ashur greets them at the door and is more drawn to talking to Kosel and Ide rather than the group as a whole.
“My name is Bill Nye, and we are here to investigate the crystal you found. Eliza said you need some help with it.” Azreal says.

Ashur and the group move down into the archives and they are shown several different artifacts. A cut in half helmet, a ship’s transponder, a small chip, droid parts, and a strange talisman. Kosel recognized the helmet is an old Mandalorian helmet from the Mandalorian Wars with the Old Republic. The group also investigates the transponder and it turns out to be from the ship known as the Astral Jester that was rumored to have traveled secret hyperspace routes. The droid parts were investigated and turns out they are from a Basilisk War Droid. The small chip turns out to be an imperial officer’s report on the artifacts when they were found and cataloged.

Kosel takes the strange talisman and holds it to the light. It feels alive with the force so Kosel puts it on. Instantly Kosel sees the Jedi Val Iza and it is her ilum talisman. She was aboard a ship that was being attacked by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. She goes into the ships training room and places something in the center of the floor and places a large stone over the top. The group grabs the helmet the talisman and the transponder and leaves the archive. They are stopped by Eren Garai and placed in different rooms. Each one is interrogated Kosel, Ide and Ashur are all able to avoid the questions. Azreal isn’t able to avoid the questions because Eren has him injected with truth serum. He explains everything about why the group is on Eriadu.

The group heads to Kohler to find the Jedi ship, Sanctuary, to find what Val Iza had placed in there. Ide scans the area and finds Sanctuary. The group boards the ship which has been abandoned for years. The group explores the ship and find some different parts which can help repair Jerris’ ship. The group enters the main training room and find the large rock where Val had placed it. Ide using the Force is able to move the stone and underneath the stone was a Jedi holocron.

Suddenly in comes a Basilisk War Droid and attacks the group. Ide using the force is able to conceal 3 members of the group from the enemy while Azreal attacks the droid. He is able to do some good damage to the droid but it isn’t enough to destroy it. Kosel attacks after and only does minor damage as well. The droid strikes Kosel with a solid hit, but Ide seeing that Kosel was wounded is able to sneak up and patch him up to keep him fighting. The droid is beaten back but ran away before a killing blow can be dealt. The droid moved outside of the center of the ship and finds Ashur cowering in fear. Ashur is immediately attacked by the droid and is brought to the brink of death. The group is able to find him before he dies and gets him back to Jerris’ ship and into the medical bay.

The group decides in this old Jedi ship there could be many more artifacts on board that could be useful to them. They remember the war droid is still inside the ship but perhaps with it being wounded it might be easier to destroy if they encounter it again. However with Ashur gravely wounded they won’t have much time to explore the ship much longer.

Session 15
From Darkness into the Light

Our adventurers land about the Explorer in the docking bay. Having escaped the Imperial Star Destroyer the group finally breathes easier. The Imperial Star Destroyer is disabled and wounded greatly in the battle but like a wounded animal could still pose a threat to the smaller Rebel ships that surround it. As the walkway descends a Lieutenant Siccora along with a dozen Rebel troops move closer to the shuttle that had just been allowed to land. As the group descends they are greeted by the lieutenant with “Everyone, hand over your weapons please.” Everyone raises their hands and says in unison “HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT.”

Kosel tries to talk to the lieutenant “We are here to speak with Commander Roosh. He allowed us to land and said you would be willing to help us with medical care.”
“That is correct. We will take you to the medical bay but all weapons must be handed over first.” Siccora explains.
Kosel, Rezda and Azreal all hand over their blasters but attempt to keep their lightsabers. “What are those things strapped to your belts?” Siccora asks as he notices one of the sabers hanging from Kosel. “A light rod,” he responds. Siccora isn’t convinced and demands he hand it over to him. Kitor pulls out his saber and ignites it to show them what they are actually carrying. “These don’t leave our sides…..ever.” He says in defiance. The rebel troops now with blasters at the ready point them at the strange adventurers. Only one word from Siccora or a trigger happy grunt could set off a fight. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, let’s all calm down. Here’s what we will do. I will surrender all my weapons and then I will go with you Lieutenant to see the Commander. My friends will remain in the hanger bay.” Kosel calmly explains hoping to de escalate the situation. “Fine then. But your friends don’t leave this hanger bay.” Siccora responds.
Kosel passes his lightsaber to Rezda who hides it in the light panel in the ship. Hoping to have a little fun with Kosel when he returns. Kosel, Siccora and a few soldiers head up the turbolift and instead of meeting Commander Roosh, Kosel is greeted by Captain Tayak. “Hello…..oh you are an interesting creature.” Tayak says with a grin trying to be a little flirty. "My name is Kosel Tyl’rag. We require medical attention and we were offered it by Commander Roosh. Kosel and the Captain continue to speak to each other over the past couple of minutes. The Captain not believing that the adventurers had really won the battle by disabling the Star Destroyer, but to the captain it was a Rebel victory. Even as Kosel explains all the happenings on the bridge with Jarris’ thermal detonator, and Rezda and Kitor’s plan to send their old imperial shuttle into lightspeed in the hanger bay the captain is not impressed. “You and your companions can head to the medical bay. Siccora will escort you there.” The Captain says ending the conversation.
As Kosel and Siccora get back to the hanger bay Kosel explains that everyone should leave their sabers and go get medical attention. The group agrees and Kitor, Kosel and Azreal all head to the medical bay. Luckily their were doctors on board the Explorer and they are able to heal the group almost back to full health again. The first time they had received major medical treatment for some time. “What about our wookie friends?” Kosel inquires. “We have everyone in the interrogation area to make sure they aren’t spies.” Siccora explained. Jarris then chimes in stating that the wookies are part of his crew and he should be allowed to take them as they depart the Explorer. Siccora radios down to the interrogation room and the wookies are released and sent back aboard.
The group returns to the shuttle and Rezda tells Kosel he has hidden his lightsaber and gives him 2 riddles to solve to find it. Kosel struggles to find it and he comes very close to finding it in the light panel in the common area but Rezda pushed it back so far that Kosel’s hand misses it. Kosel decides to grab what he thinks is a stim drink but turns out to be sleepy juice. Knowing he will soon just fall into a deep sleep and feeling frustrated he decides to down the pitcher of sleepy juice and goes to bed. Rezda recovers the lightsaber, still laughing at how funny it was Kosel couldn’t figure out where it was.
The group departs the Explorer, having healed and also getting some contact information for the Explorer if the need comes in the future. Jarris starts the hyperdrive and off to Nal Hutta they fly. As they arrive the group breathes in the smell of the planet. It had been so long they had been “home”. They say their goodbyes to Jarris and wish him well with his new ship and crew. “DENBAY!!!!” Rezda screams in the crowded market. Everyone simply ignores him and walks away. “DENBAY!!!!” he yells again. Kitor leaves the group to find out how much the hutt disk is worth while the rest of the group continues to the hidden temple.
Kitor finds a shady dealer who tells Kitor someone would be willing to buy it so long as he got a share of the profits for the information. Kitor isn’t impressed with the offer and refuses to give him a cut. As the dealer radios to his boss to tell him about what Kitor has, Kitor with 1 stroke cuts off his head severing it at the neck and cutting the dealer’s hand off with the communicator still fully grasped. The dealer collapses to the ground. A couple of Gimorrean guards see the commotion. They tell Kitor they will forget the whole thing if he would suckle their nipples and give them some erotic pleasure. Kitor decides well YOLO. He suckles their teets and all the Gimorreans squeal in erotic pleasure.
Right before the group enters the turbolift to head to the temple Kitor arrives feeling ashamed and very angry. “Did you eat something Kitor? You have some sauce it looks like on your mouth.” Rezda noticed. “Pork. I had some pork.” Kitor says with a straight face. The group is greeted by Eliza and Denbay runs to Rezda and standing on his huge legs puts his paws on Rezda’s shoulders and licks him vigorously.
“Why didn’t you call and said you were returning?” Eliza says.
“We were just anxious to come home which is why we didn’t call.” Kosel says to her. She looks at Kitor and senses the darkness. “Kitor you have fallen to the dark side! You cannot be here!” Eliza shouts. Kitor trys to explain that he is a member of the group and he must stay. He pulls out a crystal he had been carrying and it turns out the crystal belonged to Kitor’s father who was also a darkside user. Eliza is surpised to see the gem, but stands firm on her decision to make Kitor leave. The group stands with Eliza and tells Kitor to go and redeem himself and then return. Kitor feels betrayed and attacks Eliza with a force push which does nothing. He then attacks her with his lightsaber. Rezda comes to the aid of Eliza and strikes at Kitor. Kosel also attacks Kitor trying to defend Eliza. Azreal tries to force bind Kitor but is unable to hold him back. Again Kitor strikes at Eliza. He lands a solid blow and Eliza is able to bind Kitor as she collapses to the ground in pain. Rezda using the hawkbat swoop strikes at Kitor and lands 2 solid hits. Rezda stands over Kitor ready to deliver the final blow and Kitor looks up him with a small smile. As if tell Rezda thank you for ending his torment and pain he has endured after his fall. Rezda strikes down Kitor.
Eliza takes Kitor’s belongings and stores them in her personal vault and they burn Kitor’s body. A fitting tribute to a fallen friend. Weeks pass after the battle in the temple. A new force user a Lannik named Ide enters the temple. After 30 minutes of short jokes about Ide’s short stature he simply says he is used to it. The group asks his skills and he explains he was a doctor years ago and has no combat training. Not even a lightsaber. The group offers to help him in time train in some combat. He explains he can hide very well and using the force disappears and reappears. “A fitting power for someone so small.” Kosel says. Eliza calls everyone to her and shows them a holonet message. A man shows up and explains that Eliza needs to come to the planet Ereedoo to investigate some strange crystal formations near the academy. Eliza explains she has spoken with her caller named Asher and she said her students will go in her stead. Jarris is contacted and he agrees to take them to Ereedoo on another adventure. Before the group departs Kosel and Ide head to the market looking for some armor. Kosel is able to find Cresh armor for 2000 credits, but he only had 135 on him. Ide generously offers to buy it and says to pay him back when Kosel can. Kosel purchases the armor and he can’t thank Ide enough for the help.
The group departs for Ereedoo and as they land they notice the air is putrid with the stench of commerce and everyone is wearing breathing masks to prevent them from coughing and getting sick. Kosel is the only one at the time who has a breathing mask so purchasing some masks is their first priority. Kosel tells Ide to hide in his backpack in case they needed to steal the gems and having him out of sight will help him stay stealthy. The masks are easy to come by but they remember they need credentials to get near the crystal formations near the academy. The wookies on board are able to make some credentials for the group which should give them access to the formations. Only time will tell if they will work or not….

Session 14
Jedi's guide to bringing down a Star Destroyer

In the shuttle, the group heals themselves, while Rezda reaches out with the Force and is able to see a group of stormtroopers. After deliberating what to do, Jaris dons the Imperial Officer uniform and Azrael puts on the stormtrooper armor.

As the shuttle is tractored in to the ISD, the gangplank is lowered. Jaris and Azrael head out and convince the stormtroopers that we are from the planet, and are able to take Kosel with us to the detention center to verify. Kitor and Rezda remain safe on the ship, when all of a sudden…… WOOP, WOOP, WOOP

Klaxons sounding, the group soon realizes the ship is under attack. While Jaris, Azrael, and Kosel attempt to get to a turbolift, we are turned back and discovered to be frauds. While Jaris is able to run off, Azrael and Kosel are thrown in jail.

Meanwhile, back on the shuttle, Kitor and Rezda attempt to sabotage the shuttle, with Rezda being able to override the lightspeed controls before jumping into another ship. They were successful in their attempt of sabotage, and the shuttle wrecks havoc in the main landing bay.

Kosel and Azrael, while in the prison cells, are able to get their lightsabers and decimate the stormtroopers holding them prisoner. We are able to get to a computer nearby and view a map, and attempt to free the other prisoners there. There’s a Quarren, a Togurgata, two Wookies and a Trandoshan. The Trandoshans and the Wookies fight a little before we calm them down, but as we’re leaving the prisoner level the Wookies shove the Trandoshan back into the area, stranding them.

Azrael goes and searches for Jaris, while Kosel brings the prisoners around to a docking bay nearby that Rezda and Kitor can get to. Azrael finds Jaris up on the bridge, attempting sabotage with a thermal detonator – Jaris resists attempts to escape with the group, until Azrael uses the Force to persuade him to go. While they get on the turbolift to go back down, Jaris throws the thermal detonator on the bridge, and does massive damage. The group is able to reunite on Rezda and Kitor’s stolen bulk transport ship and escape. The ISD, crippled from the bridge and hanger bay explosions caused by the group, begins spiraling to the planet. But before the group can truly escape, the Mon Calamari cruiser, Explorer, demands the group docks on their ship or be blown out of the sky…..

Session 13
The Concubine's Return

Jerris continued to fly the stolen TIE fighter, but after taking the concoction that Kitor gave him he started to feel drunk and disoriented. As he begins to sober however he starts to become groggy and sleepy.
“One of you guys….guys might wann…….a………” Jerris said as he falls asleep at the controls of the ship. Rezda quickly grabbed the controls but Jerris was still in the way and had caused the TIE fighter to plummet straight towards the ground!

Rezda struggled to find a way to bring the ship back into a regular flight pattern.
“Throttle down and it should be easier to control!” Kosel shouted.
Rezda throttled back and the TIE fighter came back under control just in time as it started to scrape the tops of the trees below.

Jerris awoke from his short nap completely awake, but still wounded from his encounter with the Inquisitor.
“Why are we in a TIE fighter?” Jerris questioned the group.
“Where is my ship?”
“Your ship might have had an accident. We were attacked and it was damaged by a Rancor and some corrosive sludge.” Kosel explained trying to not give away all the details.
WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SHIP!?” Jerris shouted.
“Your ship is gone and might have caught on fire because of an exposed fuel line from the corrosive substance. That’s all that happened.” Kitor responds.
THAT WAS A HUTT SHIP! I couldn’t make it on my own to get a new ship after the first one was destroyed so I had to go to the Hutts for a loan. Now you not only owe me ANOTHER SHIP you owe the Hutts too!” Jerris explains.
“We don’t have time for this, we will work that out when the time comes. For now we need to fly us to the ground.” Kosel calmly said to Jerris. Jerris glared at Kosel and reluctantly moves back to the pilot seat of the TIE fighter.

Rezda surrendered the controls to Jerris.
“We are losing fuel guys. A tree must have caught the fuel line. We need a place to land and fast,” Jerris tells the group.
Rezda stretched out with the force and saw a large building but was unable to make out what the building was exactly.
TIE fighter please identify yourself.” The radio chirped to life on the ship.
Everyone looked at each other confused about how to respond back. Kitor picked up the radio…
“This is TIE fighter, we are losing fuel and need a place to land immediately.”
TIE fighter what is your identification code?” The radio controller responded.
“WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! WE NEED TO LAND NOW!” Kitor yelled into the mic.
“With no ID code you will be considered hostile!” The controller warned.

Within moments an enemy TIE fighter was dispatched and flew into scanner range all too fast and began gaining on them. Rezda reached out with the Force to find a clearing to land the TIE fighter that would help conceal it from the base and overhead enemies. He pointed Jerris towards an opening in the canopy and lands the ship safely.

The TIE fighter flew over them without incident and wasn’t able to see them as they were fully obscured.
“Well, this ship is done…” said Jerris stating the obvious.
The group searched the TIE fighter for anything to salvage and ends up finding an Imperial officer uniform, credentials for the Sith Inquisitor, and a credit stick with 5000 Imperial Credits loaded on it.
“We should head to that Imperial base. We might find a ship there” Azrael says with clarity.
The group agreed and proceeded towards to the base.

As they began walking Kosel reached out with the Force and sensed many life forms around them, but one was directly ahead of them in their path. As he probes the mind of the animal he could tell it didn’t appear to be in the mood to be friendly.
“Watch your step guys. There is something out there that’s not friendly.” Kosel informed the group.
Azrael walks ahead to confront whatever lies beyond and in doing so begins to growl at the animals with a deep, throaty growl that gave everyone a chill on the back of their neck. As he got closer the animals cry out with terror and fled as fast as they could.

With the danger no longer facing them, the group continued on. Once they arrived at the Imperial base they found the main garage door is open filled with speeder bikes and multiple AT-ST’s. Kosel and Rezda moved along the upper wall to get a better angle and hoped to see more of what’s inside. Jerris, Azrael , and Kitor decided to head for the garage.

Suddenly Kosel’s communicator goes off and it appears to be from someone he hasn’t heard from in quite awhile. He answered his communicator and before he knows it, it’s Mel.
“What the hell are you guys doing on the planet?!” She yelled at Kosel.
“Uh…we had some transportation issues.” Kosel responded to her.
“Well I have a mission at that base and you better not screw things up for me!” Mel tells Kosel.
“What mission? What do you know about the base?” Kosel asked.
“I won’t be able tell you anything about my mission on an unsecured channel, but I can say that we are going to take the base and we have limited reinforcements.” Mel explained.

While Kosel conversed with Mel, a door opened at the far end of the garage and a group of Stormtroopers walk in. Azrael tries to hide behind a box but unfortunately fails to notice it is made of transparisteel and is see through. Meanwhile Kitor and Jerris drop to the floor under the speeder bikes and pretend to be working on them.

As the Stormtroopers entered the garage, the Sergeant of the squad shouts, “HEY! THEY AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! GET THEM!”
Jerris is shot with a stun bolt and is knocked unconscious as soon as the fight starts. Kitor returned fire and managed to hit a few troopers, but then is hit himself with multiple stun bolts and falls to the ground.

Azrael , having been seen immediately by the Stormtroopers, used Force influence to make them believe he was the Sith Inquisitor. Being weak minded, they call back to the other troopers, “It’s okay! He’s with us!”
Azrael spoke to the Stormtroopers and influenced them again to run his stolen credentials. They agree, leaving him a code cylinder to access the doors, and proceed out of the garage. Azrael walked over to Jerris and Kitor and brought them back to consciousness with a few stim packs.

Meanwhile, Rezda used his newly found Force ability to see through walls and found out they were next to the control room. Both he and Kosel decided to cut their way in with their lightsabers to try and launch a surprise attack from inside the base! As they cut through, the metal and stone seemed to melt before them, then all of a sudden they hit an electricity conduit and sparks flew!

They pushed through the section of the wall they cut out and jumped into the room full of pale faced officers, who were staring at the intruders whose faces were covered by large dark robes. One officer eyes flitted nervously towards one desk in the middle of the room and kept looking at the grate under it.
“What are you looking at?” Kosel yelled at him.
“Uh….uh….nothing. There’s nothing I’m looking at. I promise.” The officer responded.
Kosel picked up the officer walked him over to the desk. As he pulled the grate away, it revealed an escape tunnel. Kosel took the officer with him and they moved down into the tunnel to discover where it will lead to.
Rezda prepared to engage the other storm troopers as they frantically tried to open the door to the control room. They eventually managed to open the door but as soon as they do, they find the 2 officers left alive bound and blocking the entry. They fire wildly into the dark room and somehow manage to hit Rezda. He retaliated swiftly in a flurry of lightsaber attacks which cut both troopers in half.

Mel and her rebel reinforcements finally arrived at the base. Only a small squad had accompanied her, much to the surprise of the group.
“Where is Kosel?” Mel asked.
“He went down the tunnel in the control room.” Rezda explained.
“Chances are the Lieutenant I need to find is down that tunnel headed towards the communication outpost.” Mel said calmly.

Rezda contacted Kosel to update him on the situation. Meanwhile (at the legion of doom!), Azrael and Kitor decided to search the base and end up finding the armory, some officer’s quarters, and eventually an imperial shuttle on a landing platform with turrets surrounding the outside. Azrael used his saber to destroy the turrets and Jerris was sent to make sure the ship was good enough to fly. Jerris checked the ship over and determined it was flyable and in somewhat decent shape. The group, along with Mel, boarded the ship and took off towards the communication outpost in hopes to catch up to Kosel and the Imperial Officer that accompanied him.

Kosel arrived at the outpost and quickly knocked out the Imperial officer. He slowly climbed up the ladder and was able to see the Lieutenant at a large communication desk typing as fast as he could. Less than a second later the voice of the Lieutenant is heard from the corner as he bellows out, “Close that hatch!”

Kosel immediately jumped down to avoid being seen. Once the hatch closed, he ignited his lightsaber and silently cut it open again and used the Force to leap up into the air! He lands on his feet and quickly dispatches of 2 stormtroopers. In a power move, he picked one of the trooper’s lifeless bodies and threw it at communication station next to the Lieutenant who immediately stopped typing.

“Everyone back away from your posts,” Kosel tells them.
The officers comply and Kosel ties them up to prevent any future problems so he reaches out to Rezda and informed him that the Communications center is secure.
The group arrived quickly in the shuttle and Mel jumped out and ran into the control room of the communication center to find the officers sitting bound with Kosel nearby.

“I have a mission to complete. You need to leave.” Mel explained.
As Kosel left the room he heard the door close and then 5 blaster shots ring out. He immediately regrets his decision to leave and knows that 5 unarmed officers were just murdered in cold blood. Mel comes strolling out happy and feeling accomplished.

“What happened to that other officer you were with Kosel?” Kitor asked.
“Other officer?” Mel says surprised.
“Yeah, I’d guess he is probably still in the tunnel.” Kitor responded.
Before Kosel can react Mel ran to the door and down the ladder and another blaster shot pierced the air. Kosel felt the death through Force and began to feel angry.
“Let’s get out of here. We’re done.” Kosel says feeling defeated.

On their way to the Imperial shuttle, Rezda throws a few grenades that were found in the military base at the communications dish. They go off within seconds and the giant dish crashes to the ground in a heap of rubble and flames. Within minutes Kosel received another call on his communicator.

WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!” Mel yelled.
“It wasn’t me, I’ll talk to you later.” Kosel responded and ended the transmission.

As the shuttle broke orbit and began moving outside of the planets shadow their ship began to shake. Jerris looked at the screen in front of him and realized he never checked the long range sensors…they were none operational so he didn’t notice that an imperial star destroyer had entered the area and now had the shuttle in its tractor beam…


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